Auburn's A-day football game impacts economy

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Hotels are packed, restaurants already booked and roads are jammed. The city of Auburn is preparing for Saturday's spring football game, A-Day.

Auburn University hotel manager, Hans Van Der Reijden, says he hasn't seen this much excitement since he's come to Auburn, "In the seven years I've been here this is the most excitement we've ever seen. There's a high level of anticipation, people are coming from all over. We've been sold out for this weekend for weeks."

Football weekends cause big spikes in Lee County's economy.

John Wild, the President of Auburn and Opelika's tourism bureau, says some cities have festivals that draw in the crowds; Auburn has football.  "These are our festivals so we need these to really fire up our economy and so the more fans that come and are happy with football the better."

In recent years, A-day attendance has slightly dropped, so this year the city decided to go all out by creating other events to go along with the weekend.

There's a barbecue competition, wine tasting and the sneak peak of Auburn's new basketball arena where fans can get the first look at the inside.

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