Discharged war vets able to receive high school diplomas

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -  Four high schools in Lee County, Alabama are coming together to honor their military veterans.

Men who had to leave high school to fight in World War II and the Korean War are now given the opportunity to receive their diploma.

Jim Wilkerson, who is retired from the military and now a principal for one of the high schools taking part in the program, says the feeling of being able to reward a veteran is indescribable,  "Being a vet myself I think the country basically owners it to any military person that puts their life on the line for this country."

The state legislator passed the bill in 2004 urging high schools to award diplomas to honorably discharged veterans.

Although the bill has been around for a few years, only one person has taken advantage of it. The Lee County Board of Education believes it's because many don't know about it.

Loachapoka, Beulah, Smiths Station and Beauregard High Schools are all participating.

If a veteran would like to be rewarded their diploma, they can contact the school they attended.

And if the school no longer exists they can contact the Lee County Board of Education office.

A bill is currently in the state senate proposing the same measures be taken for Vietnam vets.

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