Pig on the loose in Columbus

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's a story that's making neighbors in Columbus go hog wild.  A mysterious sighting has a local citizen reaching out to us for help.

At first, Cheryl Doyle didn't know who or what was causing a commotion in her back yard.

"It was about a year ago, this month, April, I believe, and I didn't see her at first. All I saw was something running away. I didn't really know what it was," Doyle said.

But after a while, it became pretty unmistakable.

"Finally, we figured out that it was a pig, a wild pig," Doyle said.

Doyle doesn't know where the sweet-tempered swine came from or where she goes during the day.

While our cameras were there, Pansie was feeling a little shy. The only video we have came from Doyle's cell phone.

"I don't know where she goes," Doyle said.

Every evening for the past year, Pansie comes to visit. Doyle gives her a few scraps -- corn mostly.

And neighbors have noticed, giving Doyle a celebrity status in the neighborhood.

"Somebody stopped us and said, "Don't you live on the corner of Old Dominion Road? You know you have a pig in your yard?" Doyle said.

Doyle knows.

After phone calls to friends and various shelters, she's trying to find Pansie a good home -- a place outside the city, where she can do what a pig does.

"I thought maybe somebody would find her and take her out to a farm or you know, somewhere in the country, but that hasn't happened yet. So, hopefully, that will happen, but she's very sweet," Doyle said.

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