GA GOP Sen. Isakson to run aggressive campaign

Press Release

ATLANTA – U.S. Senator and Senate candidate Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., announced Wednesday that he is organized in all 159 Georgia counties and is prepared to aggressively campaign to represent the people of Georgia in the U.S. Senate for a second term.

"I am energized and ready to run a vigorous campaign that will give Georgia voters a clear choice," Isakson said. "Georgians will get to choose whether they want someone who represents their conservative values or someone who will push the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda of government health care, cap and trade taxes, skyrocketing debt, auto bailouts, government takeover of student loans, jobless stimulus packages, terrorist trials in U.S. courts and forced unionization of private sector employees by repealing their secret ballot."

Isakson, who has been campaigning for over a year, has raised nearly $7 million for his re-election and expects to have about $5 million cash on hand at the end of April.

Isakson has been traveling the state for the past five-and-a-half years listening to the concerns of Georgia's families and small businesses to ensure his votes in the Senate reflect their conservative values.

Isakson has built his campaign infrastructure and grassroots support by organizing in all 159 Georgia counties over the past year. It is the same strategy he used in 2004 when he won the election to the U.S. Senate with more votes than any candidate had ever received up to that point in the state of Georgia.