Alabamians Take Advantage of Appliance Rebates


MONTGOMERY— In less than three days, Alabamians have reserved nearly 18,500 rebates from the Alabama Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, claiming half of the $4.1 million in rebate funds.

As of noon Wednesday, state residents have reserved 18,496 rebates, reports the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. That represents 50 percent of the rebate program's funds with a little more than $2 million still available for rebates.

Rebates for purchases of Energy Star-labeled refrigerators are the most popular with 7,010 rebate reservations. Clothes washers are next with 5,302 rebate reservations followed by 4,460 rebate reservations for dishwashers, 994 for freezers and 730 for room air conditioners.

"Alabamians know a good deal when they see one, and thousands are taking advantage of the opportunity to save money, replace energy-hogging appliances and boost our economy," ADECA Director Doni Ingram said.

The funds are going fast, but there is still time to reserve a rebate by visiting or calling toll-free (877) 856-6645. Alabamians replacing old models with new Energy Star-labeled models are eligible for rebates of $25 for room air conditioners, $50 for freezers, $75 for dishwashers, $100 for clothes washers and $150 for standard-size refrigerators.

Appliance retailers in Alabama are reporting an increase in sales this week as a result of the rebate program with more customers expected this weekend, according to the Alabama Retail Association.

Consumers who reserve their rebates will have 15 days to purchase a qualified appliance from a retailer in Alabama and mail the rebate application form and purchase validation. Rebates apply only to appliances purchased from a retail store on or after April 19.

The program is open to Alabamians age 18 and older and will be limited to one rebate per appliance type and no more than two rebates per household.

Funding for the rebate program was made available to the state as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Real-time updates are available at