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Be There: Raising Money

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One family fund raises for a cause that is close to their heart.

When a member of your family is diagnosed with a life-altering disease, it's sometimes hard to look on the bright side, but the family we caught up with took it as an opportunity to raise awareness and support.

Monica Pierce told News Leader Nine, "My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and a friend of ours asked me to get in the Alzheimer's Association memory walk in 2008 and it was a family effort my sister, my father, all got involved."

After the memory walk, the Pierce family wanted to do more to raise awareness and money to the disease their grandmother was battling.

"It was amazing to me the amount of donations coming in. If they can so that maybe we can do something at school so I got my newspaper staff together and we started a campaign just the donations came in just like they were with my family," said Tori Pierce, a senior at Northside High School.

Tori ended up raising $600 from her school, and altogether the family brought in more than $6,000!

Tori said, "I think it just really shows you that even if you do something small it's still making a big impact and even me at 18 years old I can make a difference."

Her mother Monica added, "It just does us good to know that they want to be a part and help people. Of course they wanted to help their grandmother but this also helps many other people who are affected by this."

Tori's father, Keith Pierce said even their grandmother was excited to hear about the hard work, "She's excited about all of the things that we're doing with Alzheimer's but naturally excited about anything the grandkids get involved in."

And the Pierce family says it's an easy task that any family can incorporate into their lives, "Pick a charity that they can connect with so it really kind of personalizes it, helps to really kind of jump start the effort and the interest if you will. Pick something that you have an interest in and then just go with it."

Tori actually wrote an article about her grandmother's struggle with Alzheimer's and it was published in a monthly news letter. It can be read at

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