Auburn changes alcohol policy

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The Auburn City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night for the amending of Auburn's current alcohol policy.

Alcohol consumption is now permitted at restaurants with outdoor seating in downtown Auburn, The Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center and outdoor events.

Opelika's wine tasting last Friday, "On the Tracks", got people thinking as that event could have never happened in Auburn before Tuesday night.

The art center can now have showings or theatrical performances accompanied by wine and cheese, but it seems most people are excited about the outdoor events.

Under the new policy, alcohol may now be served at weddings in local parks.

This could mean more business for parks and happier couples. To have alcohol in parks a petition must be written and then approved by the City of Auburn.

The Boykin Community Center was specifically excluded from the list as they host the Auburn Boys and Girls Club and a daycare.

The city officials and Auburn residents felt very strongly it would not be appropriate for alcohol to be on the premise.

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