Botox treatments not limited to women only

(NBC) - Cosmetic procedures are no longer reserved for the rich, famous and female. Studies are showing that more men are sprucing up their looks, but it's not just about vanity.

Growing old gracefully never looked so smooth thanks to a popular cosmetic procedure that has an increasing number of men on a quest for eternal youth.

"I got the information from my wife," said Josh Llorente. "She does it on a regular basis."

The 43-year-old Llorente is a realtor who understands how these non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help keep him looking younger and fresher while attracting and keeping clients.

"I'm always squinting so I got a lot of wrinkles on my forehead," Llorente said.

In today's economy, looking good isn't just about vanity. For some it's about competing on a level playing field and maintaining job security.

"Some of our patients are male patients that are older do feel the pressure," said Dr. Sandy Goldman, a dermatologist.

Dr. Goldman has a theory on what's driving the growth.

"They've lost their job, they've noticed that if they talk to head hunters, they tell them they're competing with a younger person for their job," Dr. Goldman said.

About five years ago, Dr. Goldman started seeing an increase of males coming in to his office for Botox. Now, five percent of his patients undergoing the procedure are men.

Nationwide in 2008, more than 800,000 men had cosmetic procedures performed with Botox injections topping the list with well over 225,000.

Gone are the wrinkles, droops and sags. The Botox injections freeze the facial muscles that create the dreaded signs of aging. The cost of beauty is between $300 to $800.

But that youthful appearance is temporary, lasting just a few months. So would Llorente be willing to do something a little more permanent?

"I'm not sure about that," Llorente said. "I've always been hesitant about that. The knife scares me, but this procedure I'm ok with."

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