Troup Co. offers safety alerts on your cell

By Laura Ann Sills - email

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - We are in the age of instant information, and the Sheriff's Office in Troup County, Georgia is jumping on the technology train.  They have teamed up with to easily and instantly send alerts to residents.

Sgt. Chad Mann explained, "Let's say we have an Alzheimer patient or maybe even a missing child who wonders off, this will be a great way to let the public know the last location they were seen, the area they might be in and let them know on a timely basis where time is of the essence."

What you will not see is an alert for every traffic accident. The system works on a need to know basis, meaning you will not receive an alert if the message does not pertain to you.

Investigator Jeff Duran is excited to have this system in place, "Part of solving crime is speed. You know the quicker you get info out, the better... what we call "hot" right at that moment."

The "hot" information comes from Sgt. Mann himself, straight from the source.  "It builds on things that are out there already with Facebook and Twitter. But, it goes a step further in the security side of things.  When you get a message you will be able to trust that source," said Mann.

Sgt. Mann says as far as technology goes, this system is top of the line.   And, it is free for both the agency and residents who sign up.

You can sign up for the alerts by clicking here.  Or, take a look at the Troup County Profile here.

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