Russell County begins rehiring teachers

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The Russell County school board is faced with reducing funding for certain sports and the rehiring of teachers released because of budget cuts.

There's been a buzz in Russell County after more than 100 one teachers and school employees with no tenure were slashed from the school district, earlier this month.

The school board insists the cuts were not based on favoritism but rather budget issues.

Tuesday night they voted on the recommendations of rehiring those teachers.

School board president, Larry Laney, said the school district spends about $108,000 a month overall and the state specifically ordered cutback. "We have an instruction from the state finance man that said you will do this. You're gonna make a resolution and we need it by April 30th" said Laney.

Laney said they're working very hard to get back as many employees as they can.

Alabama requires a quota of 192 teachers within a school district and now Russell County teachers are slowly being rehired to fill those spots.

As for cuts in sports, football is taking a big hit.

A plea by school board Vice President Kenneth Barnes suggested it be more balanced with other sports.

He says football alone brings in 70-75% of the Russell County's sports revenue.

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