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Be There: Always Learning

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's tough for a lot of working parents to find time to volunteer at their child's school, but one mother we spoke to shows us how her extra time in her daughter's classroom has really paid off.

Maria Lira told News Leader Nine, "Usually I came every morning and before work and then I must try to help her to do her assignment."

Maria Lira says that learning should not only be at school so she takes time each day to help her daughter at 30th Avenue Pre-School, "We have to work on the books, and with her letters, or names, or words, whatever."

The school's Resource Coordinator Tammy Caldwell said, "She's very involved, she's very nurturing, she's sweet, she's dedicated, she cares about the education that her daughter is receiving."

Mitzy Lira may only be four years old, but her teachers and even her mother are seeing how much her hard work is paying off.

Maria Lira said, "Well it really surprised me when she started to write down words. Whether she's trying to write it down as her name or different words, she surprised me because I don't honestly really know about it."

Although she can only spend a small amount of time with her daughter before she heads to her job as a nurse, Lira says every parent should try to find the time for their child's education, "Everybody we are busy but I think the most important thing in our lives is our family."

Maria Lira is one of the few parents at the school that speak both English and Spanish, and the teachers have asked her to act as a translator. Not only is she spending time helping her daughter learn, but she also assists the other families at the school as well.

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