Driving defensively in the rain

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The heavy rainfall is to blame for two deaths and nearly two dozen accidents. On Monday, the pouring rain made the roads even more dangerous.  Owner of Barber Driving school, Al Barber says people need to be more observant when they're driving in the rain.  

"During the rain we know we are going to look for standing water.  We teach our kids if the water is at least a half inch deep and you're doing 35 mph you stand a chance for hydroplaning," says Barber. 

He says when people start to hydroplane they automatically hit the brakes or turn their steering wheel which is the wrong thing to do.  

"You do want to bring your car to a slower speed but you accomplish that by taking your foot off the accelerator and holding your steering wheel straight."

Barber says use common sense by slowing down and increase your following distance.  He says driving at 60 mph in dry conditions means a driver needs an entire football field of distance to bring the car to a stop.  And if it's raining, you'd need a football field and half.  Don't forget to take care of your tires either.

"If you have an under inflated tire and not enough tire pressure it can cause and enhance hydroplaning as well as not have enough tread.  The tread is what creates the friction and that friction is what creates the stick ability to the roadway."

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