Valley Rescue Mission is in desperate need of fans

News Release

COLUMBUS, GA. -Each year the elderly and needy are placed in serious risk of heat stroke and even death because they don't have air conditioning or are unable to pay the high cost associated with air conditioning. With the temperature on the rise elderly and needy people will be coming to Valley Rescue Mission seeking fans to cool their homes to help make the soaring temperatures somewhat bearable for them during these months.

Valley Rescue Mission distributed over 150 fans to the elderly and needy throughout Chattahoochee Valley area last season.

Fans are given first to the elderly, then to those with medical conditions, parents with small children and then as they are available to others in need.

If you have an extra new fan you would like to donate to the Mission for distribution to the elderly and needy please call (706) 322-8267 or bring it to the Valley Rescue Mission at 2903 Second Avenue.