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Property taxes approved in Auburn City Council

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Every spring, Auburn City Council must approve several types of property taxes that will be taken by the city.

    The City's Finance Director, Andrea Jackson, said, although the approval of state taxes is nothing new, it still is very important.

     There were city and school taxes up for a vote to be approved tonight.

     The city taxes are divided into two, the first being the general fund which is used to pay for parks and recreation, police, fire, etc. Second, a city fund for debt repayment.

     Jackson says the city of auburn takes education very seriously and the school taxes have many benefits, "they are a source of stable revenue which makes the schools able to budget for the revenues they will have to spend for education…more easily than sales tax that fluctuate a great deal on the economy. A total of 16 mills were approved for educational purposes.

     Also at tonight's meeting, Auburn's Department of Water Pollution Prevention presented two reports seeking approval of annual activities at the plant.

     All of the taxes and the water pollution reports were approved.

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