Muscogee Co. school budget cut recommendations

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A large and passionate crowd packed into Carver High School's auditorium tonight for the second of two public forums on the proposed budget cuts for Muscogee County Schools.

  • Ten fewer work days for all employees.   This would include five fewer student days and five fewer in-service/employee days – saves $10 million
  • reducing positions both at the central office and school level through a hiring freeze and through attrition.   Hiring of classroom positions will be determined by reviewing class sizes and using rations – saves $2.5 million.
  • Delaying textbook adoption.   We would budget for textbook replacement and move to the use of more digital content – saves $1.5 million
  • eliminating non-highly qualified paraprofessionals.   Assign one paraprofessional to every two first grade classes – saves $450,000
  • eliminate year-round school calendars in the two schools and one program using this schedule and returning those schools to a tradition calendar – $50,000
  • eliminate the evening school program and provide for students to complete credit recovery at their individual high schools – saves $400,000
  • consolidate the students at benning hills with muscogee elementary.   Due to retirements and transfers no one would lose a job in this transition – saves $325,000
  • move academic success programs to the benning hills campus to save on infrastructure costs necessary to keep the academic success program at its current campus – saves $374,000
  • change the school start times in order to better tier the transportation system, thereby reducing the number of drivers needed by fifteen to twenty – saves $200,000

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