Alabama troopers rescue men stranded on rock

Press Release 

DEKALB COUNTY, AL - On May 6, 2010, at approximately 2:42 p.m., the Alabama State Trooper Aviation Unit and Critical Response Team assisted Fischer Rescue in the rescue of two brothers stranded on a rock at Lynn Overlook in Little River Canyon.

Together, the responders rescued brothers Paul Hoffman, 23, and Kevin Hoffman, 21, both of Scottsboro, along with their dog.

The two brothers were hiking in the canyon when one fell into the river, becoming trapped in the current.

The second brother attempted to help and also became trapped. Paul Hoffman was safely airlifted from the canyon, suffering only minor injuries. Kevin Hoffman and the brothers' dog also were airlifted to safety; both were uninjured.

The Alabama State Trooper Aviation Unit and Critical Response Team conducted the aerial rescue operation using the Department of Public Safety's Bell 407 helicopter and its long-line rescue capability.

The helicopter was purchased through a U.S. Department of Justice, Justice Assistance Program, directed grant funded through the 2007 emergency federal appropriation for Hurricane Katrina recovery.

The Critical Response Team is supported by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security. Both the Aviation and CRT units work together and are specially trained for search and rescue operations.

Source: Alabama State Troopers