Text or phone a tip to Auburn Police

Press Release

AUBURN, AL - The Auburn Police Division has a new anonymous tip line.  The telephone number is (334) 246-1391. 

It is a local number and will handle both voice and text messages.  According to Auburn's Acting Police Chief Tommy Dawson, the tip line has proven successful in the past in helping solve cases and should be even more successful in the future with the added text capability. 

Chief Dawson encourages citizens to use the tip line to help police fight crime.  "We rely on the extra eyes and ears of the community and could not do what we do without the support of our citizens," said Chief Dawson. 

Police note that things like a suspect's description, vehicle description, tag number, direction of travel, and other details are very important. 

"When you see something suspicious give us a call immediately," said Chief Dawson.  "If it is a crime in progress use the 911 emergency line," he added.

 "The sooner we can get officers into the area, the better our chances are in apprehending the offender," he said.

Source: Auburn Police Department