Smith Station vet heads to the Gulf to help the wildlife

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - She saw headline after headline, and then the idea popped into her head.

Nicole Namie decided to put her best hand forward and help the oil crisis in the gulf of Mexico.

Dr. Namie, a Smiths Station veterinarian, is going to do what she does best, help the animals.

She says the biggest problems with the animals are chemical burns and dehydration, so she hopes to do fluids and exams as much as possible.

But she is also taking down 7 garbage bags full of hair and fur.

Dr. Namie explains, "I'm taking a bunch of hair down there because they're going to make hair booms and basically they put the hair in panty hose, like a linked sausage, and the put it in the water so it absorbs the oil and doesn't reach more animals where it can affect more animals."

The group that she is helping is called Oil Wildlife Rescue.

They are doing everything they can to help preserve the animals and their habitats.

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