Man breaks into home; demands women undress

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A man is in jail Sunday after he broke into a home with two young women inside. He busted through a bedroom window and demanded them to take off their clothes.

Blood is still smeared on blinds as Shaquita Jones recalls a real life nightmare. Broken glass sits in her room and on her porch where police say 25-year old Curtis Roundtree broke into her bedroom window around 3:00 Sunday morning.

"You usually hear about this in movies but I couldn't believe this was actually happening-he was actually breaking into my house," said Jones.

Jones and her friend were asleep when Roundtree, who appeared to be on drugs, first tried to kick down her door. When that didn't work he broke through her bedroom window.

"He didn't touch me but he tried to pull down my clothes and said give me some," Jones note.

He also inappropriately touched her friend who's two children were sitting on the bed watching the whole thing. She says they stayed calm through the whole situation.

"He busted in through the window so I ran and got into the closet and he came and pushed me down and he said give me some and he tried to pull down my clothes and I kicked him and he went back out the window," Jones added.

Soon after,  Albany Police arrived at Jones' home at 315 West Tift Avenue.

"They were here in about three minutes and I thank God for that," Jones said. "I'm so happy so he won't try to do that to anyone else and try to come back."

Jones who moved into her home about a week and a half ago will stay somewhere else. Police caught Roundtree on Jefferson street. They charged him with aggravated assault, cruelty to children, sexual battery, and robbery by force.

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