District Attorney candidates all agree on crime

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The District Attorney candidates all had one more thing in common than just vying to be the winner of the ballot.

They all agreed Lee County's largest issue is crime, most commenting specifically on drugs. J. Gary Black says, "When it comes to drugs it has to be proactive. We have to really get in there and locate the drug dealers, the crime areas and concentrate on those areas to rid our streets of drugs."

Lance Abbott believes comments on the situation stating, "we've got to develop a pre-trial diversion program and a drug court program so for those things developing well in auburn Municipal court as well as the surrounding counties."

Current Chief Assistant District Attorney, Robbie Treese, believes the war on crime is not going to be easy but first prosecutors will have to be trained and this is why he believes he has an advantage, " I don't have to be trained, I've been doing the job for ten years and I'll be able to immediately do whatever kind of trials are necessary to get the job done. It takes hard work and I'm used to it."

District Attorney Nick Abbett has announced he will be endorsing Robbie Treese for his campaign.

Walter Northcutt is running unopposed for the Democratic Party. He will run against the Republican winner of the June 1st primary for the seat.

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