Johnson calls on Board of Regents to verify citizenship

Press Release

ATLANTA- Senator Eric Johnson, Republican candidate for Governor, today called on the Board of Regents to make citizenship verification a component of the admissions process. Recent reports in the Marietta Daily Journal indicate that a student in this country illegally was receiving discounted in-state tuition at Kennesaw State University.
"With the state being forced to make difficult budget decisions, it is important that our state focus on key priorities like educating legal residents," said Johnson. "For us to allow an illegal immigrant to take a taxpayer subsidized spot in our University system away from a legal resident is wrong.  That is why I am calling on the Board of Regents to include citizenship verification as a component of the admissions process.  If they find that legislation is required to make this happen, I will make it part of my legislative agenda as Governor."
Currently, illegal immigrants can be admitted to Georgia colleges and universities, but they are supposed to be assessed out of state tuition.  Recent news stories regarding Kennesaw State University have shown how easy it is for those here illegally to game the system.
"With the federal government failing to secure our borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration, it is up to states to fill the gap.  Simply checking a box on a form is not enough- we should ask prospective students to provide verifiable proof of their immigration status," continued Johnson.  "Georgia has been a leader on addressing immigration reform.  I am proud of the work we've done, but there is more left to do.  As Governor, I will continue to ensure that Georgia doesn't turn a blind eye to those that break our immigration laws."

Source: Director of Communications