St. Elmo School: No Recess, Picnics at Lakebottom Park

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Libby Housand was in a meeting when she first heard the news.

"I got up from my meeting and I called to make sure that the school was safe, everything was on lockdown," Housand said.

The Director of Gifted Education at St. Elmo Center for the Gifted heard the headline no administrator can even imagine.

"Razor blades taped to playground equipment in a nearby park," a park her kids use for recess every day.

"To think that someone would do something like that is beyond belief," Housand said.

Today, St. Elmo made a decision Housand says is not out of fear, but simply a precautionary measure.

"I've already been over to the park early this morning to look at all the equipment, but we have made an administrative decision not to let the children go to the park anymore between now and May 26th, which is the last day of school," Housand said.

School administrators will re-address the issue of where the students will permanently go for recess before the next school year begins.

She says its dependent on an arrest in this case and if they get funding for playground equipment on school grounds.

"We do feel safe, but it makes us very angry and we'll certainly do anything we can to help them apprehend this person," Housand said.

Also, a spring picnic scheduled for Thursday at Lakebottom Park will instead be held on school grounds.

A letter was sent home to parents of St. Elmo students on Wednesday to inform them of the changes.

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