Georgia college students will pay $300 extra per semester

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia college students will shell out even more money next year for tuition. The Board of Regents voted, on Tuesday, to help the schools in their budget balancing act.  "It is a struggle to figure out how to balance the quality and access," said John Lester, CSU.

In the last two years, Columbus State has seen a 21% decrease in their budget, "during that time we have had an increased enrollment, so there is an offset there we have been trying to balance for 2 years," explained Lester.

Starting next fall, Columbus State students will pay an extra $300 per semester.

Students we talked to said this means they will have to add additional hours at work.  Jonathan Pardal is a sophomore at CSU and he will work more this semester, "I'm trying to avoid student loans."

Junior, Amanda Fuller says she is already on the go, working four days a week, and is at school the other three. "I am actually worried about being able to afford living expenses. I live off campus.  Living expenses, bills, and those sorts of things I do on my own.  It is a little bit scary."

This worry did not seem to stop students from saying good things about CSU.  "It is a great school, I enjoy being here. I would not transfer, even if they paid me to," said Pardal.

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