Crime Prevention Director to citizens: We need your help

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - WTVM first broke the story of razor blades found on playground equipment at Lakebottom Park earlier this week, and 'Coverage You Can Count On' continues.

There are still no arrests in the case, but one city official is encouraging citizens to step up to the plate and help.

Nearly one month to the day after Seth Brown started as Crime Prevention Director in Columbus, a horrific criminal act became personal.

His two young children frequent Lakebottom Park, the site where nine razor blades were found taped to playground equipment.

"It shocks you, I just can't believe someone would do something so heinous," Brown said.

And that is the reaction most citizens have had.

But for Brown, it wasn't just because he is a parent, as of April 12th, he is charged with preventing such crimes.

That's an idea he says begins with the people, like the mother who called police to report the razor blades.

He calls her a hero.

"We could hire 200 more officers. They can't be everywhere. So, it's going to take the people, when they see something unusual to step out and say, "this may be nothing, but I just wanted to let you know. I saw this individual. He or she looked like they were doing something out of the ordinary, and an officer will come out there and check it out," Brown said.

He's also making it easier for citizens to reach out, starting a facebook page for the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention.

Just another way he says, people can help stop crimes before they happen.

"That's a big part of this. That we, as citizens, step up and say, "Enough," Brown said.

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