Alabama ranked Top 5 speeding states

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - The State of Alabama has been ranked as one of the top five in the nation with the speediest drivers in a recent poll.

Opelika mayor Gary Fuller takes speeding very seriously. In fact, stopping speeders is one of his top priorities on the job."We need to slow folks down. We got a lot of children, a lot of kids running around in Opelika and let's slow down and keep everybody safe."

Troop Commander Captain Pullin says the reason not to speed should be simple. "speed kills, I mean it's that till the end. The faster you're going, the bigger the crash, the more severe the injuries, the more fatalities you're going to have" , he explains.

Mayor Fuller said he used to be a speeder himself until he realized years ago how stressed and annoyed his days used to be.

And that's what he wants every Alabamian to realize. "We want folks to slow down, enjoy the beauty of what you're seeing. Slow down it won't take you but a few minutes to get where you're going and you'll get there safely and not be so hassled," said Fuller.

Alabama state troopers take many measures to reduce speed with unmarked vehicles, aerial speed enforcement, and the annual "take back our highways" event.

Law enforcement swears speeding really won't make that much of a difference.

Captain Pullin says, " you're really not going to get to do yourself any favors by speeding, you're burning more gas, gas is on the rise and you're not gonna get there any faster. You obey the speed limit chances are you get there at the same time."

And now, the city of Opelika has asked the Alabama department of transportation to reduce the speed limit on Interstate-85 between the tiger town exit 58 and exit 71.

This is because of so many fatalities on that stretch of road.

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