Macon Road McDonald's set for a makeover

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The intersection of Interstate-185 and Macon Road is one of the busiest in town.

Consequently, the McDonald's at that intersection is normally backed up every morning, afternoon and night with folks looking for a quick bite to eat.

But despite recent demolition of the existing building, this location isn't going away, it's just getting ready to come back as an even "Bigger Mac."

It's a move local McDonald's franchise operators hope will have customers saying, "I'm Lovin' It."

Jerry Latta is the director of operations for Pezold Management Group, who owns the location on Macon Road.

"We just want to come back fresh and new and get some new customers in here and get our old customers that we really appreciate their business.  It's kind of our way of showing how much we appreciate the business, to be able to build a new facility for the customers, Latta said.

The new image of McDonald's is a far cry from the famous 1970's ad campaigns for a "Big Mac."

The Macon Road location has been here for nearly half a century and, for the first time since 1983, is getting a major facelift.

"An all new modern store, we'll have all the beverage line inside, something neat outside, it'll be two drive through lanes, to serve customers faster," Latta said.

These are pictures of another McDonald's location with the same plan as what we can expect on Macon Road.

The only question remains, how long will it take to complete?

"We're hoping to be back up in 11-12 weeks. So, it should be around July 15th that we re-open the store, when we're ready to come back and serve our customers faster," Latta said.

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