MCSD moves to close elementary school, tables changing hours

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Members of the Muscogee County School Board voted Monday night on a number of cost-saving measures, aimed at closing a multi-million dollar budget gap for the upcoming school year.

Board member, John Wells, tells News Leader Nine the school district is "in a crisis".

Monday's decisions included:

  • The closure of Muscogee County's evening school
  • The closure and consolidation of Benning Hills Elementary to Muscogee Elementary
  • The elimination of free tuition for teachers with kids commuting to school from out-of-town
  • The school board voted to table changing next school year's class start and end times.

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According to a press release issued by the Muscogee County School District, the following action items passed at the Monday, May 17, 2010 Board meeting:

  • 7.01 New Policy and Regulation Action
  • 7.02 Revision to Policy DJC Action
  • 7.03 Annual Re-Election List Action
  • 7.04 Calendar Adjustment Days Action
  • 7.05 New Feeding Program Information
  • 7.06 Summer Feeding Program Action
  • 7.07 Pavilion donation to Wynnton Action
  • 7.08 Request to use Northside Action
  • 7.09 Local Facilities Plan Action
  • 7.10 Mainframe Project Information
  • 7.11 Student Information System Action
  • 7.12 Telephone Renewal Action
  • 7.13 CELT Professional Services Action
  • 7.14 Novell Renewal Action
  • 7.15 Virtucom Services Action
  • 7.16 Jordan High Re-roofing Action
  • 7.17 Architect/Project at Old Bradley Action
  • 7.18 Parking lot paving at Marshall Action
  • 7.19 Gym Air Conditioning (1) Action
  • 7.20 Gym Air Conditioning (2) Action
  • 7.21 Gym Air Conditioning (3) Action
  • 7.22 Gym Air Conditioning (4) Action
  • 7.23 Kendrick Re-roofing Action
  • 7.24 Demolition of Old Carver High
    The Board of Education gave direction to bid out demolition for Carver High School.
  • 7.25 Muscogee Evening School Action
    The recommendation to close the Muscogee County Evening School was passed by the Board.
  • 7.26 Benning Hills Elementary Action
    The recommendation to merge Benning Hills Elementary with Muscogee Elementary was passed by the Board of Education. (Approximately $350,000) No decision has been made nor has a recommendation from the Superintendent been made for the use of the facility at this time. The Superintendent/Administration is currently looking at several options for the use of Benning Hills facility.
  • 7.27 Student Tuition Action
    The Board approved the following recommendation and will be effective for the 2010-2011 School Year. In order to phase in full tuition of out of county/out of state the following was proposed and approved by the Board:
    •Students entering grades 10, 11, 12- grandfather in with no tuition for their remainder 1,2, or 3 years in the district.
    •Students in pre-k through grade 9 - one-half (1/2) of local  portion of tuition to be charged---out of county ($1,262.50) and out of state ($4,273.50).
    •This tuition may be collected monthly through payroll deduction, if desired.
    *Student tuition will be reviewed at a later date for future fiscal years.
  • 7.28 School Start and End Times Action
    The Board voted to table this item in order to obtain and consider more information.
    Background and Rationale:
    Due to the current economic recession, the Muscogee County School District has reviewed programs, personnel, and services which would assist in the balancing of the FY 11 budget.  State funding for FY11 is anticipated to be $18million dollars less than the district received for FY10.
    Changing the start and ending times of the school day would allow the school district to tier the transportation system.  Reorganizing how the district transports students will result in improved customer service with "on time" delivery of students; eliminate "combo" routes; align bell times with current sleep and academic studies regarding student performance; and reduce driver and bus needs by at least fifteen.  The savings for FY 11 are projected at $300,000 with additional savings on bus replacements for the future.

Current Elementary:          8:45 – 3:15     Proposed:             8:00 – 2:30
            Current Middle School:       8:25 – 3:30     Proposed:             9:00 – 4:20
            Current High School:          7:45 – 2:45     Proposed:             8:35 – 3:25

  • Superintendent's Recommendation:  
    Change the start and ending times of the school day to allow for a re-organization of district transportation services. No decision has been made on the proposed School Start and End Times. The action item is currently tabled.
  • 7.29 Delay Textbook Adoption Action
  • 7.30 Bus Retro-fit Action
  • 7.31 Gym Floor Re-finishing

For access to all agenda items and descriptions, visit the district's website: