Teacher kicked out of classroom for using foul language

Teacher, Vincent Szentadorjany, was kicked out of the classroom after a recording surfaced; Source: Muscogee County School District.
Teacher, Vincent Szentadorjany, was kicked out of the classroom after a recording surfaced; Source: Muscogee County School District.

By Barbara Gauthier

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Muscogee County teacher is out of a job. He was removed from the classroom after outraged parents complained about his "foul" language.

Their son, a student at Carver High School, used his cell phone to record a verbal exchange -- that sounded like nothing you would expect to hear in homeroom.

"My mouth dropped, I couldn't believe it, I asked him twice was it really a teacher you know that was saying that," said father, Eddie Bruce.

Eighteen-year-old Danny Porch says it was indeed his teacher, Vincent Szentadorjany, talking in the recording at Carver last week.

Danny recorded the exchange on his cell phone and sent a copy of the recording to News Leader 9.

The 10th grader says it all began over a deck of cards that he was playing with.

Szentadorjany allegedly told Danny to put them away. Moments later, Danny says the teacher threatened to send him to the office and tell the principal that Danny had used a curse word.

"I pulled out my phone cause  I thought about everybody in the class were going to say I said, the curse word. I just pulled out my phone so I could have proof that I didn't say it so I wouldn't get in trouble for the rest of the year," said Danny Porch.

Danny's parents were outraged when they heard the recording.

"I know my son can be stressful cause he stresses me out, I've cursed him out -- but he's mine. You're not allowed to curse him…like that," said Pamela Porch.

Muscogee County Schools sokeswoman, Valerie Fuller, says Szentadorjany, who taught construction at Carver since 2008, was reported to the professional standards commission for violating the code of ethics.

She would not confirm nor deny that the man on the recording is Szentadorjany nor could she say whether he had been fired or if he resigned.

"At this point the teacher is no longer in the classroom and will not be reporting next year. We do not expect employees to use profanity in the classroom in an administrative position regardless, if they're an employee of the Muscogee County School District," said Fuller.

Danny's parents admit their son's no angel -- just having the cell phone in the classroom was a violation of school policy, but in this case, they're glad he did. "I explained to him that he had no business saying anything.

He should've just turned his phone on if that's what he was gonna do, and let him talk because respect goes both ways," said Bruce, Danny's father. "I know there's a lot going on and people are scared to come forward, but I'm not. I just want it to know(what is going) on at Carver because it might be some more kids that are scared to talk to their mom."

As for Mr. Szentadorjany, News Leader 9 tried to contact him to tell his side of the story, but he has not responded to our requests.

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