MCSD Votes to Cut Evening High School

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Over the years, the Muscogee County Evening High School has seen fantastic success at graduating students who have either failed classes or needed an extra push to finish high school.

In three years as principal, Reginald Williamson has helped more than 95 percent of his students walk the line.

That will not be the case next year.

"You know, because of our financial situation here, we are coming at a cost to the school district. Our tuition that we are taking in does not cover paying for all the teachers we have," Williamson said.

This building on Manchester Expressway will not be open next year.

It's part of the latest budget cuts by the Muscogee County School District, which is under orders from Governor Sonny Perdue to slash costs.

Valerie Fuller, director of communications for the school district, says every budget decision is difficult.

"It was a tough decision and it's all guided by the economic stress that we're feeling across the nation in reference to education. We're facing an 18 million dollar deficit for the 2010-2011 school year," Fuller said.

A startling reality many school districts around the state of Georgia are feeling right now.

However, the victim, in many cases, will be the students.

Those who once could come here for help to graduate, will now be forced elsewhere.

"It served the school district very well, it's been a very tough decision so far as the school district to cut this program, but it's very understandable as to why it's being cut now within these tough economic times," Williamson said.

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