Police probe trend of burglaries through the roof

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA  (WTVM) – An overnight burglary at the Tabu Nightclub in Columbus has police investigating a trend: a slew of burglaries, all with a common and unusual method of entering the business through the roof.

Sheets of plywood cover huge holes in the roof of this American Deli eatery in Columbus.  The owner, Henry Kim says he never thought his restaurant would be burglarized for the third time.

"They took a big TV, they smashed the backdoor and they messed our air conditioner on the roof."

Kim says this is the damage left behind. He says the thief came through the roof, stole the $2500 flat screen TV and ran out through the front door. The security alarm went off but it was too late. Burglars also came through the roof recently at Tabu nightclub and also K-Mart in Phenix City.

Scott Carpenter of Safetec Security says, the problem is the owners of businesses like this do not secure their facilities the right way.

"They go bare minimum, trying to save a couple of dollars when in essence they are losing thousands upon thousands of dollars from merchandise from the business itself ."

According to the FBI, 90% of all burglaries involve a door. That doesn't mean thieves come inside the door necessarily; they get all their goods and then go out a door.

Carpenter warns, you need to actually secure your business with glass break detectors and motion detectors throughout.

"If you have a roof that's easily accessed by the street someone can climb up to gain entry into your location. You need to have interior traps."  And those interior traps should be detectors in strategic spots.

Carpenter also says that if you are looking into a security system for your business or even your home, demand that someone come to your location for a walk through to custom design the security.

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