Another dead end in razor blade investigation

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Surveillance footage from a nearby business at Lakebottom Park does not shed any light on who taped razor blades to parts of the playground last week, according to police.

Video from the Saint Elmo Shopping Center directly across from the Columbus playground did not reveal anything of value to the investigation, officials in the department said Wednesday.

Investigators say the cameras were not pointed at the park or the road adjacent to it but rather at the front of the store and the cash register.

Last week, Columbus Police confirmed to News Leader 9 the fingerprints that were lifted from the blades and duct tape could not be used to prosecute a suspect because their aren't enough identifiable points on them to be evidence.

A mother found the blades taped to different areas of the playground last Tuesday morning just as her child was about to hop on the equipment. Officers discovered nine blades they say were intentionally put in areas where they would have caused serious injuries to anyone using the playground.

Police say the incident is an isolated one and blades have not turned up at any other playgrounds.

The investigation continues with elements police are not making public at this point.

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