A glimmer of hope for job seekers

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There are more and more stories of a positive turnaround in the economy.  But, for the 9.9% of Americans who are unemployed, positive news seems hard to come by.

Wednesday's Public Job Fair on Ft. Benning provided a glimmer of hope for some of the 3,000 attendees.

The economy is forcing some to look at their job searches and skills in a whole different light.

It was a family affair for the Hills.  Sisters, Tonya and Leticia, both have different stories that end the same way, jobless.  "Of course you have your little moments where you get down and discouraged but you just got to pick yourself up," said Tonya Hill.

Tonya has been out of a job for three weeks.  It's been 8 months since her sister, Leticia, got a paycheck, she says job hunting in this economy is like a full time job, "I feel like I should be paid trying to apply for jobs, but it does not work that way, I wish it did."

Richard Newton has only had a temporary job since 2008, and he is desperate to find something to do.

"If I have sent out one resume, I have sent out a 1000.  Even if it is flipping hamburgers, I have to do something, because I no longer can collect unemployment," explained Newton.

At his age, he did not think he would ever need to go back to school.  But today he took the first step and talked with the people at CVCC.  "The human nature is to try and take the skills that you have and build on those skills and create a source of income for yourself," said Newton.

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