Be There: Creating a Support System

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One family takes the whole concept of our "Be There" campaign seriously, by creating a close relationship with parents, teachers and students.

Even though the school year is winding down, one family from Muscogee County's Academic Success Center isn't slacking off when it comes to supporting teachers. They show us how having everyone on the same page, helps the student do better in the classroom.

Debra Lewis has already put six children through school, and with her youngest son Nehemiah, she says she's learned some important lessons on parenting, "I realize now how easy it is for a child to fall behind because they don't have the support they need."

She creates that support system by always creating an alliance with the teachers who spend time and effort with her kids.

"Children spend six to seven hours a day in school and what a huge responsibility that's been placed our teachers. I can see how sometimes teachers aren't taking seriously and taken for granted," said Lewis.

Nehemiah's teacher, Brenda Shelton, told News Leader Nine, "It's not just the teachers being there, but it's also the parents. What a great support team that is for the student."

Nehemiah's team of parents and teachers show him the importance of education and always try to back each other up.

Lewis explained, "They need that security, they need that support system around them, they need guidelines, they need rules and regulations."

Shelton added, "Even through times that aren't perfect, as long as they know they're number one, they're who we are here for, that's who the parents are there for, that's where the greatness comes from."

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