One Tank Trip: Thomaston, Georgia

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THOMASTON, GA (WTVM) - In the television news business, the effective use of video and sound can tell a story.

When you first visit the Flint River near Thomaston, Georgia, the picturesque views tell the story and it's the sound of silence that makes you want to stay.

Here you can spend the day at Sprewell Bluff State Park, entertaining yourself by grilling out or playing in the water.

Or, if you want to spend a little more time in nature, you can do what Steve Saunders and his friends did to celebrate his retirement.

A canoe trip down one of the last undeveloped waterways in the state of Georgia

"You float down, you see very few houses at all. And that just makes it so much more enjoyable. Coming down, having the bluffs around is just absolutely gorgeous. There are some shoals in there. They're very pretty and it's just a great float trip, very enjoyable," Saunders said.

You can rent a canoe or kayak for half a day, a full day, or even two days and camp at Sprewell Bluff.

Prices are affordable, starting at $25 per person for a half day trip.

After a full day on the water, how about a stop at the Riverbend Restaurant. You can choose from steak, seafood, or all you can eat catfish.

And trust me, the food is almost as good as the view.

Eat above the river bend and watch the water below, or spend your evening among nature.

Whatever you do, make sure to stop by and enjoy one of this area's most coveted resources, its beauty.

Just like Saunders and his friend, John Thompson.

"I would encourage anyone that wants to get out and do what we did today, as far as stopping in at Sprewell Bluff and doing that or just making the trip on a kayak or canoe, it's absolutely phenomenal, just a fun trip," Thompson said.

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