Alleged drug house busted across from elementary school

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Word of a nearby drug bust traveled fast to parents of students at Benning Hills Elementary Wednesday.

"I'm very shocked. I'm about ready to cry because this is right across the street from a school," said Stephanie Harrison, who was picking up her granddaughter after classes let out.

Members of the Metro Narcotics Task Force say they had received several complaints about the house at 173 Munson Drive which is directly across the street. An investigation was then launched. On Wednesday, agents searched the home and found drugs and more only a stone's throw away from the school.

"One of the things that concerned us about this was the location of this drug house and once the warrant was executed, we saw how the drugs were being packages and the quantities in which they were being sold. It's about the smallest we've seen marijuana being packaged so it's being sold to folks who don't have a lot of money at one time," said Sergeant Rick Stinson who heads up the Metro Narcotics Task Force.

In all, authorities found close to 300 baggies of marijuana worth about $3000, $1000 in cash and a variety of weapons including a semi-automatic machine pistol. On top of all of that, Stinson says small children were also inside the alleged drug house.

Six people from Columbus are facing charges- Joshua Wilson, Cordarell Smith, Eugene Holt, Cordell Coppins, Ashley Mcamey and Kathryn Johnson.

"This is really strange that this was so close to our children and the school with a drug dealer right across the street," Ms. Harrison said.

"We don't feel like we took a major supplier out but we took a supplier out in a school area," Sergeant Stinson added.

All six suspects are expected to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court Thursday afternoon.

They all are all charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school and possession of ecstasy. Two are facing additional reckless conduct due to the alleged presence of small children and two are also facing additional weapons charges.

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