Residents Heated Over Not Having Cool Air

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Unbearable is how some residents describe it.

"I've been here since November and I had not heat, no air," says Marcus Anderson.

Tenants, like Anderson, at Springfield Crossing in Columbus are heated, after not being able to get their apartments to cool down.

"The property manager, she basically told me hey, I'm living with the ac and heat problems as well," adds Anderson.

We're just a few minutes into our interview and you can easily see the beads of sweat forming on Anderson's face.

"I've called them so many times, they've stopped writing me work orders," he says.

Anderson shows us copies of several maintenance requests.

"That one maintenance guy came over here literally seven times, the main guy from the sister property came over here three times, they all said the same thing, hey this unit needs to be replaced," explains Anderson.

Apparently, Anderson isn't alone.

We run into Rakkita Cooper and her roommate on our own, and when Cooper answers the door in shorts I asked if their air is working.  I also ask if they'd put in a work order.

"We've put in three . It'll work for a couple of days, then it's back like this," says Cooper.

In fact, the thermostat reads 90 degrees while we're inside.

Anderson has started a petition, gathering names of other residents with similar complaints.

Minnie Tossie is one of them.

"The manager at the office, she don't even want to talk to me period," says Tossie.

So we decide to see if she'll talk to us.  On our first try, the office is closed for lunch.

So we go again. A young lady inside says no management officials are in, but gives me a business card for the District Manager Sophelia Johnson.

Johnson doesn't return our calls, so we try the property management company Affordable Realty.

The operator forwards me to a man named Vincent Murphy who won't give us his title.

We find a company website , which then redirects to a page for Hediger Enterprises.

There is an M. Vincent Murphy listed as the Chief Operating Officer, and Founder and President of Affordable Realty.

His bio also states he's a co-general partner at certain properties including Springfield Crossing in Columbus.

In a phone conversation, Murphy says he doesn't know anything about the complaints, but they'll do what's necessary to fix them.  The website also has a specific section that addresses work orders under its "services" tab.

A fix is exactly what residents like Anderson are waiting on.

This combat engineer, who recently did 15 months in Iraq says he feels like it's his duty to keep fighting for what's right.

"I took it on myself you know to kind of be that person to help because, you know, that's what I do, that's what we do in the military. We're all about helping people, we're all about helping our country."

Meanwhile, the help just didn't come soon enough for others.

Tossie says she's moving out.

"One thing about it, I won't live here anymore. I would not even do my worse enemy the favor of telling them to come here because this is not a nice place."

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