A piece of Baker

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Fire officials have finished up their onsite investigation of the Old Baker High School.  They tell News Leader Nine they know the origin of the fire, but are not releasing that information at this time.  Samples have been sent to the State Crime Lab.  They said it could be weeks before results are back.

The building is now in the hands of the School Board.

Carlton Adams graduated from Baker High in 1957, he came back to take a look at his charred alma mater. He slid under the caution tape and tried to grab a few bricks.  School Security made him put them down. Adams said, "I thought I had me 2-3 bricks, but I understand there is an investigation on. I have a lot of fond memories; the 50s were a good year to be in High School."

Although Fire Marshall, Chief Thomas Streeter, graduated a few years later from Baker, he understands the sentiment, "I would love to have a brick myself, but I am too am not taking a brick, because this is the property of the school."

When the Columbus Fire department wrapped up their onsite investigation, Baker was turned back over to School system.  Within a few hours, a fence was put up.

Chief Streeter says this is a good idea, but he is also a realist, "A perimeter is good, some type of deterrent, but if someone really wants to get in they are going to do it."

Rodney Johnson says he is thankful he came to the last 'Lions on the Lawn' reunion. He explained, "I was able to go inside the school and recover a little socket cover and I am going to paint it blue and white."

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