Authorities arrest suspect in deadly Tuskegee shooting

Stanley Terell Jackson, 19, charged with murder and attempted murder
Stanley Terell Jackson, 19, charged with murder and attempted murder
Craig Daniel, 29, killed May 24th.
Craig Daniel, 29, killed May 24th.

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - Jadarian Fuller of Tuskegee is lucky to be alive.  Caught in the crossfire, he escaped unscathed, while his car bore the brunt of the damage.

"They shot the window in the side," Fuller explained.

Monday afternoon, Fuller was with a group of people at a makeshift hangout area near a pond on Williams Street, playing dominos and cooking on the grill.

While he was there, police say Stanley Terell Jackson, 19, of Tuskegee, drove by, had a discussion with Craig Daniel, 29, and opened fire.

"The guy pulled up, started shooting, so I took off running. I was trying to make sure I don't get hit," Fuller said.

Daniel died. Authorities say Jackson also shot a woman in the leg. Tuesday, a third victim came forward in the case. The victim told authorities he exchanged gunfire with Stanley Jackson, 19.

This victim, not yet identified, was said to be suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg and a bullet graze to the thumb. He has not been charged with any crime, though charges are pending.

"There are other people of interest that we're looking for, so there may very well be another shooter or shooters," Patrick explained.

As the search goes on, more information is coming to light about the alleged shooter and the victim.

Both were acquaintances, according to police.  Authorities say a prior fight may have sparked this shooting. 

Jackson was arrested Tuesday and faces murder and attempted murder charges.

If you have any information that could help police in their investigation, call them at (334) 727-0200.

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