Fort Benning Students Produce Video for Pentagon and Fort Knox

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - On cue, Warrior Bear News Anchor Emily Harvey and her co- anchor deliver the news live from Faith Middle School's Media Center directly to the classrooms.

"I have to come here in the mornings and Mrs. Kurneic will tell me to sit down, I'll pull up the announcements, do an entire run through all of the announcements and she will tell me to slow down, speed up or stop using the sing song voice," says Harvey

It's fast paced. Their day starts at 7:05 a.m. with sound checks, video checks and making sure last minute announcements are added to the broadcast. At 7:33, it's show time.

"I just make sure the sound checks go well, if something goes wrong, I adjust the sound board a little but it will typically fix it," adds Merle Dewitt.

The production is a dream come true for Cindy Givens, Media Specialist. The students here at WBN, and the anchors are having a blast. They're using the technology and their skills to connect with students from Fort Knox.

"What we want to do is get it across to them what our school offers. All they way form this is how a new student is treated this is the uniform or standardized dress these are the electives that are offered."

They've even produced a video requested from the pentagon that shows a behind the scenes look at their day to day operation. It's hectic as most news productions are, but once it airs; the show seems flawless.

This the first year the school has produced its announcements in a news format.  Givens says this is the first year with many more to come.

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