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Budget cuts leave 15 Eufaula teachers without a job

By Laura Ann Sills - email

Eufaula, AL (WTVM) - Eufaula City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Barry Sadler, said the school system is being conservative by cutting approximately 15 teacher slots.

This year has the fewest number of retires he has seen in his seven years as Superintendent, "As people retire, you do not have to let as many people go, and you can bring in new teachers in. But, they want to keep the little sense of security they have."

Although the school board expects a tax renewal vote to pass when it comes to vote in July, Sadler says they could not afford the bottom line to shrink any lower.  "We have a 30 year renewal on some of our property tax coming up that we will vote on this summer, if that were to not pass, we would lose $1 million a year," explained Sadler.

And, the uncertainty in the tax renewal is added to the recent low enrollment the school system has faced.  "The state bases their funding on enrollment.  So, we have cut some teachers where we anticipate our enrollment being low," said Sadler.

The Superintendent does not think class sizes will be affected by the cuts due to low enrollment and the fact that some administrators are going back into the classroom.

The low moral caused by the worry teachers are feeling in this economy may not get any better.  "We actually do not think the economy, for us, is going to bottom out until the end of next year.  Our state worked hard to come up with some one-time money and I do not think it is going to happen next year."

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