Columbus becomes focus of Meth Project

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The 'Georgia Meth Project' boasts one of the most visible advertising campaigns out there right now.

You've probably seen the chilling billboards that speak out against meth use.

Thursday, the organization was in Columbus, hoping to gain support for what they call a growing epidemic in the peach state.

Chilling television and radio commercials also tell the existence of someone addicted to methamphetamine.

The advertising campaign is about to be ramped up even further by the organization, whose aim is to prevent meth use in 12-17 year olds.

Jim Langford is the executive director.

"It's more addictive than any substance we've ever seen in the history of mankind perhaps. This is a drug 4-5 times more powerful than cocaine. A cocaine high is 30-45 minutes, they say, the high on this drug is 4-12 hours," Langford said.

Which is why Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr was present.

He says meth use is still on the rise.

"It started, of course, in the rural areas and its working its way into the cities. And even in Columbus, it's a growing problem that I don't think a lot of people in our community realize we have," Darr said.

The result, a multi-million dollar fundraising effort to ensure children and teens in the area do not try meth, even once.

"That's not a scare tactic, we're not trying to do that. We're just trying to show them the realities of the dangers of this drug," Langford said.

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