Wives tell emotional story of Miracle Riders

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The old saying goes, behind every good man is a great woman.

That phrase has never been more appropriate than for the 11 wives of the "Miracle Riders," a group riding motorcycles across the lower 48 United States, raising money for the Children's Miracle Network at the Medical Center.

Rochelle Ressmeyer is both anxious and excited to see her husband Scott, who is leading the ride.

"The first year, I was so proud of him, and I was really excited. But this year, I could hardly, when everyone wants to talk about it, I can hardly keep it...because it's 12 times more emotional this time than it was last time. I'm 100 times more proud of him," Ressmeyer said.

On Friday, the wives arrived one by one, anxious for a lift to Macon, where they would join their husbands and finish the journey home together.

And although each better half is bursting at the seams to reunite, there is an understanding of what this ride has meant to their husbands and to those they hope to help, according to Cindy Jolley.

"I think it's awesome that they've had an opportunity to go and participate in a journey like they've undertaken, it's just an awesome cause," Jolley said.

For this special group of women who stand behind their exceptional men, it has been a long journey.

But it's easy for them to realize why it's necessary.

Their feeling of loss and emotional stress from 21 days apart pales in comparison to the pain and stress those in the care of the Children's Miracle Network at the Medical Center feel every day.

"I guess another year on your life, you realize how precious life is, it's that for me. It's more exciting, it's more fulfilling, more heart-lifting than it was the first time," Ressmeyer said.

As of Friday, the cross country ride, which again raised funds for the Children's Miracle Network and Columbus Regional Hospital, was at $80,569 and counting.

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