Lakebottom Park has parents still worried over razor incident

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  With warmer weather coming our way, many families adventure out to parks, but after the recent razor blade incident that occurred May 11th at Lakebottom Park it has parents, like Eric Estes, watching their surroundings.

"Well you're always making sure your kids are safe and there's nothing on the ground like broken glass or anything like that and you always want to keep an eye on them. Make sure they're not getting in any trouble and I always look at the playground equipment and make sure everything's safe" he says.

Brandi Woods, a mother of two, says she was completely stunned when she heard of the incident. "It's just disgusting thinking someone would do that knowing the only people they're going to hurt is children. It just makes you think that someone is not in the right mind doing that."

Many Parents were very pleased with the way it was handled and cleaned up immediately.

Estes said the incident at Lakebottom Park will always make him look twice while observing parks....but you can't stop you're children from playing out of fear.

Whether or not this could happen again, he says he can only hope it doesn't. "I mean I guess anything could happen again because you can't have 24/7 surveillance that would be kind of expensive so I do worry but hopefully with parents being aware of it and keeping an eye out they'll report anything that occurs."

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