Two boys allegedly point shotgun at a child

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An eleven year old boy's life is threatened with a shotgun and the suspects are just boys themselves.

After threatening to kill an eleven year old boy, two juveniles appeared in Recorder's Court Monday morning. They are being charged as adults for armed robbery and aggravated assault.

We spoke with the victim's mother who says her son was out riding his bike and that's when he was attacked. Kateania Meadows said, "He told me he was riding his bicycle and these boys told him to come here. He knew these two boys. They attacked him, kicked him off his bicycle and after that they held a gun to his head."

The incident happened on May 20th near Fern Street. The 11 year old victim tells police 13 year old Jonathan Wilson and 16 year old Eric Williams we the ones who took the bullying to a dangerous level.

Meadows explained, "They threw sticks at him and told him he had five seconds to get away from them, and he better not tell the police or anybody else or they would kill him or his family."

The young victim did not sustain any serious injuries from the attack, but his family has mandated new rules to avoid this from happening again.

"He's not allowed to go farther than around this area right here and he has to tell everyone at home where he's going at all times," Meadows told News Leader Nine.

Jonathan Wilson and Eric Williams are being held on $20,000 bond each, or can be released to their parents.

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