Cancer Survivor Day

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sunday the John B. Amos Cancer Center hosted a Cancer Survivors Day celebration.

"I don't know if I qualify as a survivor but I consider every day survival," said Janet O'Neal. Almost a year ago O'Neal was diagnosed with breast cancer, and used her experience with treatment to write a book, "I found a quote that said women who use humor with cancer are trying to tell the world that this disease doesn't not identify me, and I think that was my decision, this disease would not identify me."

The annual event at the Columbus Trade Center is geared towards allowing cancer survivors to share their stories with each other.

John B. Amos Cancer Center Director Dr. Andrew Pippas told News Leader Nine, "We are making great strides towards curing cancer so when people come to an event like this they have a demonstration of those facts and you'll see people who come year in and year out to keep up with folks. It's become a national/international movement."

More than 400 cancer survivors and their families came together to celebrate this year's theme: "Seeds of Hope.. Growing Survivors".

Dr. Pippas said, "It's a day where we recognize that people can take a diagnosis of cancer and can still lead meaningful lives, lives filled with dignity and lives of great importance beyond being diagnosed with cancer."

"Prior to being diagnosed with cancer and attending these survival dinners, I had no clue as to the statistics of people that have cancer. It's more common than any of us fathomed," added O'Neal.

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