Be There: Sharing Stories

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Even though school is out for the summer it doesn't mean your kids should stop learning.

The teachable moment News Leader Nine highlights may seem like a simple concept, but the lesson is going a long way. The parents tell their children stories about when they were growing up, and in turn, the kids learn how to handle certain situations.

"You never think they were your age, doing the same things as you," said 5th grade student at Reese Road Elementary, Marisa Scott.

Her mother Shemal Scott explained, "The most teachable moments for our kids is where we share real life experiences with our kids and that really fascinates them. They get into it and then we can teach them at the same time."

Shemal Scott tells her kids one story about when she fell off the pyramid when she was a cheerleader in high school, "I told them I got back up and I has to overcome that fear and her back on the pyramid. I was the person to get on top. So just teaching them don't give up even if you fall down, overcome that fear and try again."

The kids think it's funny when their mom and dad reminisce on days from the past. They also use the morals of the story as an example in their own lives.

"It teaches me: if she gave up she wouldn't have been at the top of the cheerleading pyramid, so if I ever fall I know I can get back up," said Marisa.

And although some parents may be reluctant to share too many details about growing up, the Scott family says telling any kind of stories to your kids helps them deal with their own problems.

The kids' father Marlon Scott added, "It's important to relate to them because they think, being so small, that their mother and myself were never their age. And it's good to relate because you can communicate better with them."

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