Drugs, guns and cash seized in Phenix City bust

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PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -  There was a heavy police presence on 10th Avenue Thursday afternoon as members of the Phenix City Police Department and Russell County Sheriff's Office executed a simultaneous raid.

Heavily armed units stormed into two alleged drug houses at the same exact time, only a few doors down from one another trying to catch alleged drug dealers off guard.

Officials say the drug activity has been terrorizing the neighborhood and they're trying to wipe it out.

"As a joint effort, the Phenix City S.W.A.T. team and Russell County S.W.A.T. team, at one time, hit both of these locations. They're only about 100 yards apart but both of these houses have been giving us a lot of traffic and a lot of problems," said Lieutenant Heath Taylor, Chief Investigator for the Russell County Sheriff's Office.

Narcotics agents say they had received several complaints about the alleged drug houses. After making a number of undercover buys of marijuana, agents were able to get search warrants.

Our cameras were rolling as seven people were arrested in what police say is known as the Kennedy Quarters area. The suspects face numerous drug-related charges.

Arrested were:

Theodis Wade who was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and hydrocodone. He also had an outstanding warrant for the distribution of marijuana.

Raymond Thomas who was charged with two counts of distribution of marijuana.

Sandra Thomas who was charged with the possession of marijuana.

Rachel Thomas who was charged with the possession of drug paraphernalia.

Curtis Thomas who was charged with loitering.

Derick Thomas who was charged with loitering.

Elizabeth Henderson who was charged with loitering.

Officers found drugs, guns and cash in the homes and even an infant. The Department of Human Resources was called to the scene and the baby was taken into custody. Narcotics officials say a shotgun and two rifles were seized.

"This area has been a problem drug area in the past. It's right behind the Fredrick Douglas Apartment complex. It has been cleaned up before but here in the last few months, the problem moved back in and we're trying to push that element back out of this area again," revealed Assistant Chief of the Phenix City Police Department Bobby Casteel.

"Certainly, we have a lot of efforts going on in the bi-city efforts on narcotics but if you're dealing narcotics on this side of the river, we're coming after you," Lieutenant Taylor added.

Those arrested in Thursday's bust are being processed at the Phenix City Police Department and taken to the Russell County Jail.

Officials tell WTVM they are going to be doing more of these joint busts. They say they have their sights set on other locations as part of an ongoing crackdown

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