Police find suspect in string of car burglaries

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -  Forty-seven-year-old Rebecca Jo Sutherland was arrested Wednesday on two counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle in the 300 block of West Longleaf Drive in Auburn.

Captain Tom Stofer with the Auburn Police Department adds, "In one of those she had the additional charge of theft of property 2nd degree and theft of property 3rd degree. In both those cases Ms. Sutherland entered unlocked vehicles."

Captain Stofer says unfortunately, he sees this happen a lot. "It is vitally important that people remember to lock their cars up because what we've seen here in auburn is that the vast majority of cars that are broken into were unlocked at the time."

Sutherland was already being held in the Lee County Detention Center for public intoxication.

But it was what she had on her that made detectives look closer. Sutherland had what seemed to be property from the vehicles "and upon further investigation we did in fact locate a property owner that described his property and we were able to identify it and return it to him and she did tell us she took property." Said Stofer

Police say when someone is planning on breaking into a vehicle they're looking for purses, GPS devices, phones and money.

Just by following some simple steps you can save yourself time.

First and foremost, lock your doors and close your windows. Stofer also says, "removing the valuables preferably take the valuables out of the vehicle but if you can't do that take them and put them in the trunk or under the seat. Get the out of sight."

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