Battling Hunger: Local organization seeks help

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Food Pantry at the Open Door Community House is in dire need of donations.

The pantry is virtually wiped out and there's not enough food for a family to get a full meal.

The food pantry is left almost empty these warm summer months with nothing to offer but corn, green beans and carrots.

Meg Olive, an employee of the Food Pantry, said "we're looking for protein items things people can make a meal out of; soup, peanut butter, tuna, that kind of thing. Something that can sustain you and that's all you have to eat."

The Food Pantry said although they're thankful for any food donations, just having vegetables is not enough.

Olive says, "already in this year, half a year, they've seen as many people as they saw all year last year, so we expect our numbers should be doubled from last year."

In fact, their feeding about 100 people a week, thanks to the economy and unemployment.

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