After malfunction, lottery to hold bonus drawing

Press Release 

ATLANTA – During a review of the Monday, June 7, Cash 4 evening drawing, Georgia Lottery officials determined that an equipment malfunction occurred with a ball machine.

One of the balls ejected back into the chute from the mixing chamber before the winning number fell.

As a result, the Georgia Lottery will hold a bonus Cash 4 drawing on Monday, July 5, giving players an extra chance to win.

"We are very serious about the security and integrity of our games," said Georgia Lottery President and CEO Margaret DeFrancisco. "While we regret that the equipment malfunction occurred, it is reassuring to know that we have procedures in place to identify problems and prevent them from happening again. We believe that giving our players an extra opportunity to win is the fair thing to do."

All winning tickets from the June 7 Cash 4 evening drawing are valid for redemption.

The bonus drawing will be held immediately following the regularly scheduled Cash 4 evening drawing at 10:59 p.m., July 5.

All tickets purchased for the July 5 Cash 4 evening drawing will be eligible for the regularly scheduled drawing and the bonus drawing.

The Georgia Lottery conducts approximately 2,000 live drawings each year. Many steps go into a successful Georgia Lottery drawing. The ball sets for each game are randomly selected and certified by outside auditors. Each draw machine and ball set used is placed through a series of pre-drawing tests to ensure the absolute randomness of the results.

There also are a series of post-drawing tests, which are conducted as part of the certification process. The entire process takes approximately three hours for a drawing that takes less than 60 seconds.

Source: Georgia Lottery Corp.,